Fit Physical Therapy Services

There are many reasons to see one of our physical therapists. We are pleased to offer the communities we serve a wide spectrum of physical therapy services.  We offer comprehensive orthopedic, balance/vestibular, spine and sports therapy services. In addition we can help patients with a variety of neurological conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s and strokes. In short, if you want to regain the parts of your life you have lost because of pain or injury, accident or age, we can help.

Physical therapy has been proven time and time again in professional research to be a conservative and cost effective treatment option.  We receive many referrals from medical doctors because they recognize the value of our services.  Our patients are increasingly seeking our services directly, without a physician referral.  Either way, physical therapists are a recognized valuable member of our health care community.

At FIT Physical Therapy we provide treatment protocols and techniques that are proven based on our clinical experience as well as professional research. That means you get the best results in less time.  With the financial costs of health care increasing for patients, this could save you thousands of dollars.

Don’t wait any longer! Schedule your appointment today and let us help you get back to things you love.