Patient Testimonials

  • I am 85 years old and thought not much could be done about my “old bones” and the pain in my arms and shoulders. I needed assistance dressing and couldn’t raise my arms to comb my hair, get a dish from the cupboard and many other normal tasks. My orthopedic surgeon diagnosed degeneration of the shoulder and replaced the worn out parts with metal titanium. He then sent me to FIT Physical Therapy for rehab. My therapist was a very skilled and with the personality to motivate me to do my part. He explained clearly what I needed to do for a successful rehabilitation with kindness and compassion. My surgeon was very pleased with my progress and said I accomplished more in three months than most patients do in six. The treatment I received at Fit PT made this possible and I now do all the things I couldn’t do before

    S. N.

  • BS-Testimonial-Fit-PT

    I arrived in a lot of pain and hardly able to walk. In less than six weeks, this wonderful group had me off of pain pills and almost walking normally. They have been a cheerful supportive group that works together beautifully and treats you with concern and compassion. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs therapy.

    B. S.

  • AM-Fit-Physical-Therapy

    I began physical therapy at the suggestion of my internist after a scan that showed arthritis in my neck. I was having trouble sleeping because of pain and an irritating “grating” sound when I turned my head from side to side. Physical therapy involved moist heat application, ultrasound and massage. The therapy was very comfortable and really felt good, but I doubted that any significant improvement would occur. Within the month that I was having therapy not only did I sleep better with less discomfort, but there was significant decrease in the “grinding” sounds that were so annoying to me. I’m so glad that I did have therapy because I feel better and I believe I know some ways to continue to increase the flexibility in my neck.

    A. M.

  • Due to severe pain in my shoulders I decided to see a doctor. He prescribed a cortisone injection but it provided no relief. Then the doctor prescribed physical therapy. The staff at FIT Physical Therapy was great, always friendly and upbeat. After 8 visits my right shoulder was at 100%.

    G. R.

  • I came to this clinic for PT because I had a knee scope. My doctor prescribed 6 visits with the first one being 5 days after the scope. Initially my knee/leg was very stiff and sore. With each visit to the clinic I noticed gradual improvements. I also did exercise at home between visits to aide in getting my range of motion back to normal. My PT was helpful and provided a lot of informative facts about knee strengthening and knee health. The end result was achieved!-P.S

    P. S.

  • My dizziness was quite a concern to my husband and myself. I was unsure of myself and afraid of falling again. The treatments I received from all of you was always given with care and compassion and has gone a long way in getting me better. The exercises I was given to do at home also helped. I now feel much more confident and less afraid in my daily activities.

    W. P.

  • What a pleasure to be able to write my success story! I was in pain and discouraged about being able to enjoy my activities. I’ve had other health problems however they were a shorter duration and I was able to manage my limitations. Sciatica was very different!! My PT developed an excellent program for me including at home work. He demonstrated the exercises to ensure that I would have good results. I saw great results. The staff is marvelous and caring. I send a huge Thank You to all. As you know, I have made excellent progress and I am able to resume my favorite activities with more energy and much less discomfort.-J.R

    J. R.

  • On December 4th I woke up with my head spinning and it would not stop for about 5 minutes. I had no control of my balance. I was dizzy and light headed. I started therapy around Dec. 15th and my balance, dizziness and light headed were making my life very difficult. Over approximately 4 months of therapy I slowly started to improve. Now its April 4th, 2016 my last day of therapy. I have no more dizziness or light headedness and my balance is so much better. I am able to live my life with no limitations. My therapist helped me with her knowledge in Vertigo Therapy. I am forever grateful. Thank you Alba and all at Fit Physical Therapy for your help and support

    P. D.

  • I injured my low back trying to lift too much weight on a weight machine at the local gym. I visited a chiropractor several times and had my back adjusted but the pain always returned. Finally I spoke to my doctor and she suggested I try physical therapy at Fit and wrote a prescription for treatment. I went and set up a series of appointments. My therapist set me up with a series of stretching exercises along with heat and massages. It took 9 treatments and learned the proper way to stretch my back and strengthen the low back muscles. When the treatments were over my pain had decreased approximately 90 percent. I was able to get back on the golf course. My game did not improve but my pain was very much decreased. I must add that the staff was always friendly, polite and professional. Then were all well trained and knew their jobs. Thank each a everyone of you.

    D. R.

  • I was experiencing pain down the outside of both legs because of a disc problem. After an operation I started rehab at Fit Physical Therapy. You did an excellent job with heat therapy, back massage and machine exercises. As a result I am back to playing golf three days per week with no problems. I continue with stretching and exercise on my own. I heartily recommend Fit PT!


  • On July 26th I started ankle rehab 8 weeks after major surgery. I have to say I limped in to the clinic with an ankle brace and a crutch. One thing I really enjoyed during 6 weeks of therapy was that there was a lot of variety during almost every visit. Therefore it was not boring. At the end of six weeks I was able to fun. I may have limped in, but upon completion of therapy I could jog out feeling really good.

    J. E.

  • I was having lots of trouble with being dizzy and lightheaded and my doctor referred me to FIT Physical Therapy. In approximately three weeks I was doing much better as I wasn’t having any dizzy spells and felt more confidence in doing my daily activates. All their physical therapists are well qualified and helpful. If I ever need therapy again, I would definitely go back to FIT Physical Therapy.

    W. O.

  • BA-Fit-Physical-Therapy

    Over my life of 67 years I have had the occasion to visit a total of 4 physical therapists. I rank FIT Physical Therapy as well above the others for the following reasons:

    – Caring and Safety conscious
    – Friendly
    – Very good at what they do.
    – They do a very thorough job of therapy, using several techniques and treatments.
    – The office is well equipped

    B. A.

  • If PT wasn’t successful my next step was back surgery. I went to Fit Physical Therapy with the hope that they could help. And help they did. The staff there was extremely courteous and very attentive to my needs. My therapist explained everything that they were going to do and answered every question. Within a couple of weeks I noticed a big improvement in my back with lessening of pain. I am now pain free and continuing back exercises. I should not have to worry about surgery. Thank you all at Fit Physical Therapy very much

    D. B.

  • I developed tennis elbow from rigorous exercise using weights. In the early phase of the injury I thought it would go away. It didn’t of course. Being new to Mesquite I was nervous about finding a good doc. After almost 3 months of pain I found FIT Physical Therapy. From my first visit my therapist made me feel welcomed. Having never had physical therapy I was amazed at how much better I felt after only a few visits. All that pain for so long was gone! All the staff at Fit is wonderful. After 10 visits I must say I feel great! It is wonderful to have use of my arm again.

    J. D.

  • TO-Fit-Physical-Therapy

    I was treated for tendonitis in my right elbow. I received two treatments of physical therapy per week for 6 weeks. This reduced the inflammation and pain considerably. My therapist and staff were very professional yet friendly and humorous. Now three weeks after completion of my therapy, my elbow is returning to normal. I have followed my therapists post therapy recommendations and this has furthered the treatment received at the clinic.

    T. O.

  • I suffered from plantar fasciitis and my doctor asked me if I had ever tried physical therapy and I told him no. He recommended it and I am so glad he did. When I first came four weeks ago, I could not walk or stand hardly without any pain. Now, my foot and heel feel great! The whole team here treated me very professional and got me back on my feet. Now I am back 100% without pain.

    D .Z.

  • A year ago I got neuronitis which damaged my inner ear nerve. I was extremely dizzy for several weeks. After that I never felt like my dizziness went away. In fact, it kept getting worse. 8 months after the neuronitis I was dizzy 100% of the time. I was recommended to go to physical therapy to help the dizziness. I was skeptic of it working, but I was willing to try anything. In the beginning it was hard because everything still made me dizzy and I didn’t feel better right away, but I worked through it. Slowly it started to get better and then after a couple of months, I started to make real improvements. I was able to vacuum my house again without getting sick. I was able to drive down the road without getting dizzy. My world started to change. My therapist helped me every step of the way. I now can say that on a daily basis, I don’t get dizzy anymore! I feel healthy and normal again! Thanks so much!

    L. H.

  • Excellent facility and staff!! Darren has worked wonders! Staff is personable and friendly, also very knowledgeable. The facility is clean and comfortable. Everyone is like a second family. If I need future physical therapy I will choose to return to Fit Physical Therapy!


  • I had a full knee replacement 16 months ago and a partial knee replacement 5 weeks ago and went to Roger and Fit physical therapy for follow up treatment. Roger is very knowledgeable and excellent at explaining physical therapy procedures for recovery. The staff are very friendly and helpful and I am glad to have had such great results there. Five stars for me.


  • After my osteotomy of my right femur, I was anxious to get moving again. I was not disappointed in the treatment I received at the Riverfront location. Trent and Thomas were so friendly and made me feel at ease. The PT, Trent, was so friendly and helped me so much. He gave me exercises that I could do at home that helped build up strength in my leg and gave me the confidence to start walking again. I wasn’t sure if I’d regain a lot of range of motion, but I couldn’t believe how much I regained after only a few visits, I was amazed! I actually enjoyed going to physical therapy because I was gaining so much strength and mobility after every visit, and also it was like I was visiting friends. I will be returning to this location after my next osteotomy in a few months. Plus, the new location at Riverfront is beautiful and has a great layout. Thank you Trent and Thomas for all you’ve helped me with, I will always appreciate it!


  • Trent and Staff were great. My back was out because of arthritis and a couple other things. The thing that impressed me the most, was when Trent went over my back the first time dialed EXACTLY and I mean EXACTLY, without a x ray or anything and said, I can tell this is where your pain is stemming from. Almost like touching the tip of a pin exactly point to point with another tip of a pin. After that I was a trusting believer in the input and direction that I received from him. People must remember that it is not a miracle cure and each person must take responsibility to do their exercises and rehabilitation program that is designed for them by FIT PT. I submit that if a person puts in the time, does the work consistently, and follows their rehabilitation program, there is light at the end of what is usually a very tricky and troublesome tunnel. AND, they have great senses of humor that makes it a fun placed to do some otherwise un-fun work, Go FIT PT


  • Kyle and the FIT Physical Therapy staff provide a relaxed environment for anyone to workout in. They also provide reliable hands on guidance throughout you’re appointment that I found really helpful.


  • I had been using a cane for 2 years after a fall in the shower. I was beginning to believe that this was my future and unsure how of if Total Knee Replacement surgery would really work. After surgery and home health care, I was anxious to start physical therapy. I had heard from friends and family who also had this procedure that therapy was the key to success of mobility. I was delighted how minimal the pain was and how much stronger my leg and knee felt after each visit! Today I am able to walk pain free without a cane or walker. This was a wonderful experience.

    P. W.

  • These people are the VERTIGO ANGELS! I was unable to drive, unable to trust myself to stay standing and almost at the end of my rope with doctors handing me prescriptions to hopefully solve a months long episode. I was basically housebound. It was literally ONE TRIP TO FIT PHYSICAL THERAPY and I walked out without assistance and feeling invincible! I had another Vertigo episode after a severe cold and ear infection and they fixed me up in one visit again! They are the best! I have sent people from all over to them, and they have had the same results. Highly recommend