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Balance Therapy

An estimated 90 million people in America experienced dizziness once in their lifetimes. A common cause of dizziness and balance problems is from the vestibular system or the inner ear. The balance therapy program at FIT Physical Therapy is designed to control symptoms and increase function in patients suffering from balance and inner ear disorders. At Fit PT our therapists realize how important balance and walking is for independent living, as well as for work activities, exercise, sports and enjoying life in general.That’s why we provide a range of programs and therapies to evaluate and treat balance disorders.

We Help Our Patients:

  • Improve motion and mobility to perform daily activities
  • Restore strength flexibility and endurance
  • Return to doing desired activities which results in healthier lifestyles and enhance quality of life
  • Avoid the need for costly surgery by helping to regain freedom of motion and freedom from pain
  • Manage or eliminate pain without medication and its side effects
  • Enhance benefits and speed recovery after surgery
  • prevent Re-injury
  • Develop better health and fitness habits
  • Stay as independent as possible

 Conditions We Treat:

  • BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo)
  • Labyrinthitis
  • Vestibular neuritis
  • Post surgical for acoustic neuroma
  • Labyrinthine concussion
  • Ototoxicity
  • Vertigo of Unknow etiology
  • Menier’s disease
  • Stroke, peripheral neuropathy, Parkinsons and other neurological conditions
  • Recent orthopedic procedures
  • Neck injuries
  • Difficulty walking

Balance Therapy Services:

  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Repositioning for BPPV
  • Occulomotor visual exercises
  • Motion tolerance exercises
  • Gait Training and Balance Training
  • Fall Prevention and Balance Retraining
  • Manual and Massage Therapy
  • Functional Training
  • Home Exercise Program

Specialized Equipment/Techniques:

  • NeuroCom
  • Epley Omniax
  • Micro Medical – Visual Eyes
  • Solo Step
  • ReBuilder

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