L. H.

A year ago I got neuronitis which damaged my inner ear nerve. I was extremely dizzy for several weeks. After that I never felt like my dizziness went away. In fact, it kept getting worse. 8 months after the neuronitis I was dizzy 100% of the time. I was recommended to go to physical therapy to help the dizziness. I was skeptic of it working, but I was willing to try anything. In the beginning it was hard because everything still made me dizzy and I didn’t feel better right away, but I worked through it. Slowly it started to get better and then after a couple of months, I started to make real improvements. I was able to vacuum my house again without getting sick. I was able to drive down the road without getting dizzy. My world started to change. My therapist helped me every step of the way. I now can say that on a daily basis, I don’t get dizzy anymore! I feel healthy and normal again! Thanks so much!