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Fit Physical Therapy was founded in 1995 in Mesquite, Nevada. Since then our physical therapist owned company has added additional locations and several therapists to our team. But more importantly, we have been able to help thousands of patients improve their health and quality of life. Our clean and modern clinics are equipped with top of the line equipment and our therapists provide personalized, hands on care. Our mission is to help get you back to optimal health as quickly as possible. If you are recovering from surgery, have an orthopedic, balance, spine, or sports injury or problem, we look forward to helping you.


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Orthopedic Therapy

Orthopedic physical therapy is the foundation of our practice and represents the majority of our patient referrals. Our physical therapists have specialized education and extensive experience in diagnosing and treating...
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Balance Therapy

An estimated 90 million people in America experienced dizziness once in their lifetimes. A common cause of dizziness and balance problems is from the vestibular system or the inner ear....
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Spine Therapy

If you’re experiencing spine pain or discomfort, you aren’t alone. 90% of the population experiences neck or back pain at least once in their lifetime. The spine is the core of...
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Sports Therapy

Have you been sidelined by a painful injury? Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, it’s frustrating when an injury keeps you from the activities you love. At...
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